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5Since ages, mankind after inception is struggling hard to explore the secrets of universe in relation to earth and sun, and explored numerous elements, metals, liquids and gases in and above the surface of the planet (earth). Found and established the only natural source of light that is SUN which not only produce the light to man kind but directly affect the climatic conditions and agriculture production. The sun is the solar system’s star,the solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun has been... Read More

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  • Home Grid System +

    Detailed requirement about the domestic or commercial usage of grid system Read More
  • Water Gysers/heating System +

    Detailed requirement in terms of capacity and type is discussed with the client. Read More
  • Solar Tubewell System +

    A thorough plan is made on the requirement of client’s demand of the water flow per hr. Read More
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Featured Products

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    Solar Agriculture Pumps

    These solar systems supported pumps do provide the solution for smooth supply of water.

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    Home Grid System

    The system is purely meant for power generation for home offices to provide electricity

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    Solar Water Gysers

    It is meant for supply of hot water without any electric or gas connections.

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    Solar Refregirator

    Solar refregirators are the good invention saves elecricity & runs through solar power